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Looking to buy, sell, or buy into a dental practice? Benefit from the experience and expertise of The Almonte Fallago Group.

Considering retirement and looking to sell your dental practice for fair market value? Are you an early-career dentist seeking dental practice ownership? Contacting The Almonte Fallago Group can make all the difference in achieving your goals.

For over 25 years, we have been providing comprehensive, practice transition services to dental and specialty practice professionals throughout the Northeast. The outcome has been several thousand successful sales, purchases, buy-ins, mergers and other practice transition arrangements, and a foundation of experience leveraged time after time.

Every transition is handled with the attention to detail that it requires and deserves - The Almonte Fallago Group has earned a reputation for closing the transaction.

For brokerage services, practice appraisals, sale of partnership interests, legal representation, or transition coordination, contact us and let us put our experience and know-how to work for YOU.

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In Their Words
  • “I have recently had the pleasure to have Jean Fallago of The ALmonte Fallago Group represent me in the sale of my dental practice and real estate. She is very knowledgable and did an outstanding job and made the negotiating of a complex situation occur quickly and effectivly. I would definetly recommend Jean to anyone looking to transition. ”

    - Domenic N. Angelini DDS
    Quincy MA
  • “"Jean made what we had anticipated to be a very stressful event totally stress free. She was accessible 7 days a week and guided us every step of the way. She is a true professional."”

    - John Carrocia, DDS & Elizabeth Carrocia DDS
    Cranston RI
  • “I wish to thank you for your guidance in my most recent transactions of selling my practice and real estate. your evaluation of my practice was most helpful in understanding how such determinations are made. I am especially thankful to you for your availability for consultations throughout the process. You and your firm were most helpful and willing to work with my attorney and provide a contract from which we could personalize for our circumstances. These life transitions are fraught with stress provoking issues.  Again I wish to thank you for your expertise, guidance, and recommendations. ”

    - Elliot Kimmel DDS
    New London CT
  • “"Selling a dental practice is at times a stressful, emotional rollercoaster ride. Jean and Paul Fallago provided the expertise and hand holding that was critical during the entire process. I highly recommend them for anybody considering this phase of their professional career." ”

    - Ernest Corner, DMD
    Warwick RI
  • “"I must commend Jean and Paul Fallago in the sale of my practice and of the real estate that accomompined it. Some routine obstacles arose during the selling process but were quickly resolved through the firm's efforts. The actual transition after the sale has been seamless. A great deal of time was spent with the potential buyers to ensure that the dynamics of personalities involved and philosophies of practicing dentistry were compatible. In summary, Jean and Paul exude confidence in the transition process and were a tremendous asset to me."”

    - Mark DiLoretto DMD
    New Britian CT
  • “Peter and Jean were highly professional. They did not treat me as a number but as a valued client. They are very knowledgeable about practice transitions, and were attentive, and prompt to respond to all my concerns. I feel like I have made new friends. It was a pleasure working with them.”

    - Marc J. Franks DMD
    Norwalk, Connecticut
  • “I strongly recommend the Almonte Fallago Group for transition services. They were extremely easy to work with. They were easily reachable and responded immediately to all my needs. They were relentless in trying to adjust their search for a buyer of my practice to coincide with my transition goals.”

    - Robert J. Miller DDS
    Bennington, Vermont
  • “It was a pleasure working with the Almonte Fallago Group in the recent sale of my dental practice.  Peter is very knowledgeable about practice transitions.  He was most attentive, and prompt to respond to my concerns.  In addition, his calm, professional manner and attention to detail made the entire process proceed very smoothly.  ”

    - Mark Burwick, DDS
    Meriden, Connecticut
  • “My thanks to Peter and Jean for their expert guidance in bringing the sale of my dental practice to a successful conclusion. Your ability to provide multiple potential buyers got the whole process off to a fast start. Afterwards, your mediation skills worked wonders in resolving all the issues that arose, and moved the process along rapidly. I unhesitatingly recommend you and your firm.”

    - Richard D. Groves, DDS
    Amherst, New Hampshire
  • “Our practice transition could not have gone more smoothly. Peter has an incredible ability to bring both sides to common ground quickly and find a win-win outcome to the benefit of both parties.”

    - Ken Rawlinson, DDS
    East Providence, Rhode Island
  • “Jean Fallago was instrumental in the acquisition of my dental practice. She guided me though the process and prevented me from making several costly mistakes.  There is no way I could have gotten to the finish line without Jean. She was fair, but determined to make sure everything about the practice was as represented. She has my highest recommendation.”

    - Richard D. Pierce, DMD
    North Billerica, Massachusetts
  • “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for facilitating and orchestrating the transfer of my practice to the Carmacks. They are a perfect fit for the practice and the community. What otherwise could have been a tumultous and stressful process, was instead, smooth and stress-free. Your knowledge and professionalism is truly appreciated.”

    - Herbert Moskowitz, DDS
    Shaftsbury, Vermont
  • “I chose Peter and the Almonte Fallago Group to sell my practice. They were very knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to familiarizing themselves with the details of my practice, and utilized their expert marketing capability to help find a compatible buyer. They excel at maintaining smooth relations between seller and buyer throughout the process.”

    - John Ceplenski, DDS
    Southington, Connecticut
  • “My friends, thank you for the superb way you handled the sale of my dental practice. After working very hard,over 20 years, to build my practice, it is of great comfort to know that you found a personable and caring buyer. You worked hard to ensure a smooth trnsition. I could not have done it without you.”

    - Ricahrd A. Mitchell, DMD
    Westerly, Rhode Island
  • “Thank you for a smooth and seamless transition. Your group made it tense free. Your responsive and reassuring demeanor eased my anxieties.”

    - James R. Martin, DMD
    Brookfield, Ct
  • “It was a pleasure working with Peter. He bent over backwards to make a deal happen. He worked with me for 4 years, and didnt give on us, especially during difficult economic times. Our deal was a win-win for both Chris and me.”

    - Gerald Morvillo DDS
    East Greenwich, Rhode Island
  • “Peter handled our transition in an outstanding manner. He was patient, kind, and extremely professional in developing a win-win situation for both of us. His guidance was invaluable.”

    - J. David Laughlin DDS and Mark D. Knott, DDS
    Woodstock, Vermont
  • “Even though the transtion happened during the busiest time of the year, Peter was always available to answer my questions. He and Jean Fallago were equally knowledgeable and worked together as a team to give my practice the attention that it needed. During the entire process I knew that the Almonte Fallago Group had my best interest in mind. Working with Peter and Jean is like working with family.”

    - Doug Traub DDS
    Torrington, Ct
  • “It was a pleasure working with Peter and Jean. You found a wonderful dentist to take over my practice, and labored diligently to make the sale happen. You created a win-win situation for me and the buyer. Both Jean and peter are true professionals.”

    - Dr. Nasser Mohrah, DMD
    New Bedford, Mass
  • “It has been a pleasure dealing with Peter and I would like to epxress my sincere gratitude to him for his efforts in marketing my practice. He was always available to answer any questions that arose, brought many potential buyers to view my office, and kept in close contact during the entire time that he was engaged as my broker. His diligence resulted in a successful sale of my practice in a difficult economic climate and for that, I thank him.”

    - Michael Wallingford, DDS
    Fall River, Mass
  • It was a pleasure working with the Almonte Fallago Group. Your knowledge of specifics of dental practice transition was most apparent.  Peter's calm, professional manner and attention to detail made the entire process proceed very smoothly.

    - Peter Amorosi, DDS
    South Yarmouth, Ma
  • “My experience with the Almonte Fallago Group in my practice transition was above and beyond what I expected.  Peter Almonte was always highly professional and provided a wealth of helpful information.  He was always available for any buyer or seller questions and meetings;  he helped resolve any conflicts or misunderstandings.  He was able to negotiate a win-win for both parties.  Peter is an experienced professional who puts alot of energy into all his transitions.   ”

    - Roger Richard, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
    Branford, CT
  • “Finding the right practice for me was no easy task. I looked at practices in six states in the Northeast before I found the right one, and I really feel that The Almonte Fallago Group's capabilities and understanding of my needs was the key to this great match. I trust them.”

    - Scott Goldberg, D.M.D.
    Billerica, Mass
  • “When I purchased my practice, The Almonte Fallago Group was right on the money about location and practice potential. I trust their knowledge of practice transitions, their experience, and their integrity.”

    - James Herbert, D.M.D
    Chatham, Mass
  • “The Almonte Fallago Group made selling my practice quick and painless.”

    - Charles McCaffrey, D.D.S.
    Porthmouth, R.I.
  • “When I first talked with The Almonte Fallago Group, I had substantial loans from dental school. Peter demonstrated to me that it would take years to pay off my loans if I remained an associate. He also showed me what I could earn if I bought a practice. With their advice on how to obtain financing, I went for it. Now I couldn't be happier that I did.”

    - Tim Liptack, D.M.D.
  • “The Almonte Fallago Group is the consummate deal maker. When I sold my practice, I marveled at how effectively they negotiate. Always professional and courteous. Always patient. They listen to you as if you're the most important person in the room.”

    - David Inouye, D.M.D.
    Marlborough, Ct
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