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Proven Expertise in Partnerships, Buy-ins and Mergers

If there's one area that distinguishes The Almonte Fallago Group, it's handling partnership arrangements (entering partnerships and withdrawing from them), partial buy-ins, and practice mergers.

We offer guidance on:

  • valuation of the practice and valuation of each partner's share
  • structuring the transaction
  • making an associate a partner
  • minimizing tax consequences to withdrawing partner and maximizing tax benefits to the buying partner
  • negotiating contract terms
  • drafting legal documents
  • compensation and profit split formulas for remaining partners
  • safeguarding income of remaining partners when one or more partners withdraw deffering money into retirement account

The Almonte Fallago Group has helped early-career dentists with buy-in and purchase opportunities within the practices where they are working. We have also helped scores of senior dentists withdraw from partnerships.

The Almonte Fallago Group has experience facilitating the merger of two or more practices.

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In Their Words
  • “Thank you for helping me with my practice transition. We are five years into a seven year buyout, and your contracts have covered all eventualities. Both the Purchase and Sale Agreement and Operating Agreement were super thorough, and the transition was seamless.  I will be calling you to help me when I am ready to sell the second half of my practice.”

    - Robert H. Kania DDS
    New Britain, Connecticut
  • “Although each of us had different goals, Jean and Peter responded to our situation magnificently. They found us a qualified buyer, namely Michael, to buy David's interest in our practice, and Michael and Gary became partners. Peter and Jean's expertise and mediating skills were a tremendous asset for us, and aided us in achieving a successful outcome for us all.”

    - Drs David Nuttall, Dr. Gary Santa Maria, Dr. Michael Schneider
    Plainville, Ct
  • “It was truly a pleasure to have worked with Peter Almonte and Jean Fallago over the last few months as we brought a partner into my dental practice. Peter was especially helpful in the negotiations, always careful to make sure that the partners would remain friends throughout and beyond the process. Jean was and continues to be meticulous in every detail which needs to be addressed in the contracts. Together Mr.Almonte and Ms. Fallago make a terrific team and I would recommend them to any dentist contemplating any type of practice transition.”

    - Dr. Philip T. Doyle, DDS
    Norwich, Ct
  • “At a time where each of us had different goals, Jean Fallago and Peter almonte responded to my situation by finding and placing Dr. Candida Castillo, absolutely the right and best dentist, to buy an interest in my practice and become my partner. Jean and Peter's expertise and mediating skills aided us in coordinating a seamless transition, bringing us together, and achieving a successful outcome for us all.”

    - Dr. Joseph Russo, DMD and Dr. Candida Castillo, DMD
    North Providence, Rhode Island
  • “In a scenario where I was ready to quit practicing dentistry and my partner was disabled, The Almonte Fallago Group provided a buyer who's objectives were perfect for the situation. When we finally closed, all three of us felt like we had walked away with something. That sale and transition really showcased Almonte's skills.”

    - Andre L'Heureux, D.D.S.
    Old Saybrook, Ct
  • “In merging the practice of two dentists, Almonte was masterful in negotiating with both sellers' attorneys, working out the allocation with each seller's accountant, dealing with the banks' attorneys, and coordinating insurance needs.”

    - Jay Patel, D.M.D.
    Laconia, New Hampshire
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