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Practice Appraisals

To both the seller and the buyer, the practice valuation (or, appraisal) is perhaps the first important step in the practice transition process.

If you're the seller, establishing an accurate estimation of value will help you realize the financial reward for years of hard work and dedication.

If you're the buyer, considerations such as value, affordability, and practice potential are critical to your interest level and what you can offer.

Our method for preparing a fair and accurate practice valuation includes:

  • a highly detailed look at the numbers pertaining to a practice.
  • a close analysis of all facets of the practice
  • a thorough evaluation of practice intangibles, and
  • the application of industry standard formulas

We have furnished hundreds of appraisals over the years. It's a service where, clearly, our knowledge and experience make the difference in the end result. In addition to preparing them, we are qualified as expert witnesses on practice appraisals in various state courts.


Marketing Your Practice

Pricing the practice is just the beginning. When warranted, The Almonte Fallago Group can provide you with recommendations about what steps may be needed to make your practice more marketable.

In promoting your practice for sale, we use various methods to market and advertise it, in order to reach the maximum number of potential buyers. We advertise in state and national journals. In addition, we use our extensive database of potential buyers to identify the best match for you and your practice.


Negotiating and Facilitating Your Practice Sale

The Almonte Fallago Group attorneys have a combined 30 years of practice transition experience. We work as facilitators to assist you and your advisors in structuring the terms of the transaction. We work with your accountant to allocate the purchase price for tax purposes. And we utilize our experience to resolve any seller-buyer conflicts that may arise.


Acquisition Financing Consultation

Having successfully completed over 650 practice transitions, coupled with our reputation for fair and balanced practice appraisals, have proven helpful in obtaining buyer financing for the purchase of a practice.

Our knowledge of the loan process and in-depth experience enables us to guide buyers with:

  • Preparing loan applications for their lending institution.
  • Provide materials, cash flow projections, required by buyer’s lending institution

It is worth noting: banks have accepted valuations, and cash flow projections prepared by The Almonte Fallago Group.


Legal Representation

We also provide legal representation in transitions where we are not acting as a broker. We have extensive legal experience respecting partnership buy in, or buy out as well as outright sales or purchases.

We are experienced attorneys qualified to draft the legal documents contemplated by the transaction including the Purchase and Sales Agreement, and other related documents. In states where we are not licensed you will need to retain local lawyers respecting state law.


Transition Coordination

From the moment we bring a buyer and seller together, we begin to work closely with the seller and buyer on the transition process to ensure that it is smooth and successful for everyone involved, including the seller, buyer, patients and staff.

We coordinate each transition taking into consideration the uniqueness of each practice, and desires of seller and buyer. To ensure success with the transition, we implement a 12-point plan involving:

  • Seller and Buyer
  • Patients
  • Staff
  • Community

Our objective is to maximize patient and staff retention for the Buyer and to allow the Seller to exit the practice with grace and dignity.



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